How is Rose West doing in 2021: She’s lonely and suffers from obesity at HMP New Hall

Thanks to Rose West and her deceased husband Fred West, a dark cloud will forever hang over Cromwell Street, Gloucester. Were it not for the concerns of children’s services, the true extent of their crimes might have never been uncovered. Fred West confessed to twelve murders shortly after police found a human femur under the couple’s home. 

Fred would direct police to the graves of his and Rose’s victims as the horror of Fred and Rose’s murderous rampage in their decrepit residence came to light. Fred didn’t stand trial as he committed suicide before justice could be served. 

Rose, on the other hand, maintained her innocence, claiming that Fred worked alone. However, her pleas fell on deaf ears as authorities handed her a life sentence. 

Rose West’s transfer to HM Prison New Hall proceeded without a hitch. Per former inmate Sally Barber, correctional officers offered Rose the best cell block and a well-decorated cell. “I did ask a warder how come she had such a nice room and he said, ‘We’ve got to keep her sweet to stop her from kicking off,” Sally said. 

Sally adds that Rose had an ensuite cell complete with a TV and shelf full of trinkets. Despite the preferential treatment, Rose adopted a reserved life at her new home. She ballooned in weight due to an unhealthy diet, putting her at risk of developing heart disease. 

“She is so heavy that she is often out of breath and sometimes has to have help getting off the toilet,” a source told The Daily Star. Rose was one of the first inmates to receive the coronavirus vaccine, sparking outrage due to her perceived special treatment. Rose got the jab first because she’s in the ‘extremely vulnerable’ group.

“Does that really mean she should be the first in the queue?” a source told The Sun. West is reportedly a fan of celebrity talent shows. Per The Sun, West is a massive fan of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice. The source said:

“Rose is a huge fan. Every weekend she clears a slot in her evening to watch the latest episode – it’s a big part of her prison life. She’s got a friend outside prison who she chats to and who makes the call to put a vote in for Rose. If you were the dancer she was backing, it’d be enough to send a shiver down your spine.”

Rose now goes by the name Jennifer Jones. She told friends that she changed her name to distance herself from the crimes. “She’s chosen the new surname because it’s so common and the Christian name just because she’s always liked it,” a friend said. 

Former inmate Catherine Jones told The Sunday People that Rose believes that God has forgiven her. West is reportedly a devoted chapel attendee. 

Rose West lived a privileged life at HM Prison Low Newton. Sources rubbished reports that she was suffering from a life-threatening illness. “She’s treated like royalty in there,” a source said. 

The short-haired convict spent her time baking cakes, getting massages, and listening to music. Jail sources said that Rose viewed herself as the prison matriarch:

“She is always very welcoming to new convicts and often befriends some of the harder cases coming into the prison. Despite her years in prison, she has always maintained her innocence and encourages others to fight their cases if they also claim they are not guilty.”

In October 2018, West won a prison bake-off competition. Rose reportedly enjoyed baking, which became her go-to way of getting into other prisoners’ good books. “She tends to defuse situations by offering other prisoners cakes and biscuits,” a source told The Daily Star

West’s reign ended through no fault of hers: correctional officers moved West to protect her from serial killer Joanna Dennehy. After Joanna’s sentencing, she threatened to kill Rose if authorities moved her to Low Newton. A source explained:

“Low Newton is the highest security prison for women in the country and they had to send Dennehy there. She’s one of the UK’s most dangerous inmates. She said, ‘Send me there and I’ll fucking kill Rose West.’ Prison officials took the threat seriously.”

Rose was inconsolable as prison officials packed her belongings in preparation for the secret transfer. “She was gutted when she had to leave,” a source said. “She was in tears and the prison officers just packed her things up. She was really upset. She didn’t want to go. It’s been her home for more than ten years and West is an elderly woman.”

Myra Hindley and Rose West’s crimes are eerily similar. Hindley and her boyfriend Ian Brady were convicted of killing five children in what people refer to as the Moors Murders. Hindley, like Rose, received a life sentence for her transgressions. 

Hindley and Rose quickly became close after meeting in the mid-1990s. Outwardly, the pair looked like friends, but per a fellow inmate, Hindley and Rose had a fling. Rose’s former attorney, Leo Goatley, told The Daily Mail that Myra impressed West with her intelligence. 

He referred to Myra as Rose’s ‘first paramour,’ adding that the relationship ended after Rose grew wise to Myra’s manipulative ways. He said:

“When I visited a few months later, Rose’s opinion of Hindley had changed dramatically. She was saying, ‘You have to watch Hindley. She is very manipulative. You don’t realize it, but she gets you doing stuff for her. Oh, she’s clever, all right. She’s flippin’ dangerous, that one.’ And so heralded the end of the romance.”

Rose would go on to have other lesbian affairs. Per former inmate Catherine Jones, West used her cake-making skills to woe other inmates. 

West reportedly wooed Baby P’s killer and mom Tracey Connelly. Baby P died after suffering 50 injuries in eight months. West used a familiar tactic to seduce Connelly: offering her food. 

“Rose and Tracy [Connelly] got together and Rose would make her breakfast in bed,” a source told The Sunday Mercury

Police continue to pursue leads in Rose West’s case. In 2021, they dug up the Clean Plate Café, believing that it would solve the disappearance of Mary Bastholm. 

Gloucestershire Constable Craig Holden opined that the area under the café held ‘new and potentially important evidence.’ Rose’s former solicitor, Leo Goatley, told The Mirror:

“I think there is evidence the Mary Bastholm murder was [Rose’s] initiation into the whole thing. I think Mary was a sore point because there was so much compelling evidence that Fred and even West were involved in her disappearance. I just hope the police do find something that finally gives closure for the surviving members of Mary’s family.”

The search only stirred up painful memories as police didn’t ‘human remains or items of significance.’ Meanwhile, Rose continues to maintain her innocence, much to the annoyance of fellow inmates.

“We couldn’t believe it, she was blaming him [Fred] but we all knew what she had done,” Catherine Jones said. “She may be trying to find something by doing that but I don’t know… after everything she’s done.”

Her children have long cut ties with her, but her loyal cult following maintains regular contact with the convicted murderer. 

People often form cult followings behind famous criminals. An insider talked to The Sun about the weird messages that Rose’s supporters send her:

“We were shocked to see ones [cards] from strangers calling her a ‘good mother’ when she murdered her own girl. One even said, ‘To a special mum on this special day’ and ‘love you’. It was all a bit strange.”