Motive Fleet Management: The Key to Efficiency

Motive Fleet Management is a one-stop shop for all your fleet management needs. The logistical aspect of transportation is integral to the success of a plethora of companies. Therefore, in a world where technology is apparent in our everyday lives and constantly evolving, a fleet management system exists to eliminate complications, simplify businesses’ methods, ensure timely deliveries, and increase their profit margins.

Founded in 2013 and previously known as KeepTruckin’, Motive’s core objective is to provide automated and effective fleet management solutions and revolutionize the fleet management industry. Motive caters to various industries, including construction, delivery, oil and gas, field service, food and beverage, passenger transit, trucking and logistics, and agriculture. They aim to offer fleet management software systems tailored to meet each industry’s specific needs.

Some of the features and products offered by Motive include AI-powered applications, tracking, telematics, AI dashcams, AI omnicams, smart dashcams, GPS vehicle tracking, asset monitoring, mobile applications, maintenance, spend management, and the Motive Card, which are encompassed in an all-in-one platform called the Motive automated operations platform. 

Motive is committed to following all compliance laws related to the businesses it collaborates with, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. Moreover, the company educates its partners on the legislation they need to comply with, whether they operate in the United States or Canada.

How can Motive Fleet Management impact your business?

Now that we have given a simple synopsis of the services offered by Motive, let’s delve into some ways in which Motive might impact your business positively. 

Cost Reduction: Through the Fleet Card and spend management application, Motive allows businesses to tactically cut costs as they perform preventative maintenance and provide discounts for fuel and maintenance with their partners and Motive Card.

Strengthen Safety: Due to their AI-powered platforms and several dashboard cams, Motive employees can monitor and reduce safety issues related to drivers. Monitoring during drives, reporting potential collisions to drivers in real time, a 360°view of each vehicle, video recall, DRIVE score, and using GPS fleet tracking platforms allow businesses to diminish risk and manage safety, making it easier for fleet managers to supervise their drivers.

Efficiency Enhancement: Preventative maintenance, the Motive Driver mobile app, automation, route optimization, and advanced analytics all grant businesses an overall enhancement in efficiency as no hindrances occur during the drive. 

Increased Profitability: All in all, with Motive’s comprehensive and inclusive fleet management software system, businesses have the opportunity to increase their profits by reducing wasted time and unnecessary expenses.  


  • Easy-to-use software 
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Closely aligned with federal regulations 
  • DRIVE score allows for improving driver behavior


  • Undisclosed prices 
  • Drivers are required to own smartphones
  • Upgrading is required to access some features 


Motive does not disclose its prices; however, based on our research, they offer three different pricing plans,  Starter, Pro, and Enterprise, for hardware such as vehicle gateways, dashcams, and environmental sensors.

Subscription plans are flexible, meaning the prices vary based on factors like size, variety of services needed, etc. In addition, mobile apps for fleet managers and drivers are available for free download in the app store. For accurate pricing, contact Motive’s sales support to connect with a sales agent and receive a customized quote tailored to your needs.

Why choose Motive for your fleet management needs?

Motive is a leader in the fleet management industry, operating in eight different industries and offering over 23 products. Their competitive edge lies in providing the only fully integrated fleet management software that can be merged with other system tools.

Some of their unique features are their ability to detect unsafe situations with a success rate of 86%, their focus on driver safety, complete visibility through 360-degree monitoring, and electronic logging device integration within the Motive Driver app. They also provide CSA score data and insights, automatic trip assignments, expense management, discounts, fraud prevention, GPS tracking, live location updates, alerts for vehicle codes, and top-notch GPS fleet management services.

On BBB (Better Business Bureau), Motive has received a total rating of A+ but no accreditation. Although they tend to get negative reviews, usually concerning technical issues, their commitment to their customers is apparent as they review and rectify customer complaints placed on the BBB website and other third-party sites. Overall, they have a comprehensive client base of more than 12,000 customers, abundant positive feedback, and customer testimonials, and this standpoint allows for acknowledging their negative feedback but also highlighting Motive’s strengths and motivation to be better. For a more accurate and intricate review of their services, features, and benefits, check out this review of Motive Fleet Management.

Customer Support

One substantial advantage of employing Motive Fleet Management’s services is their award-winning customer service with over 300 customer reps. Before employing them, you can explore their Motive Help Center webpage for any questions you may have, access their 24/7 live chat customer support, or call them at (855) 434-3564. For more detailed requests, submit a form and attach your email address with the request on their contact support page. 

Final Thoughts

Motive Fleet Management is a comprehensive solution for businesses in various industries and is the first company with an integrated system that managers can access from one location. Trusted and used by thousands of customers throughout the United States and Canada, Motive remains one of the best fleet management companies in the North American region. 

Their system software is recommended for businesses that are looking for unification, driver monitoring, safety, fuel management, maintenance management, EDL and HSO (Hours of Service) compliance, and an abundance of other service offerings, including a comprehensive solution for efficient fleet management. Although their prices are undisclosed and they may receive a fair amount of criticism, Motive Fleet Management’s positive reputation, outcomes, awards, and admirable portfolio transmit their authority in the fleet management industry.