Who is Mickey Joseph’s wife? His secretive marriage to Priscilla Joseph

The euphoria of Mickey Joseph’s return to Nebraska dimmed significantly following the Cornhuskers’ humbling loss to Oklahoma. Oklahoma outclassed Nebraska all over the pitch, outlining the hefty job ahead for Mickey and raising doubts over the coach’s ability to turn Nebraska into a winning outfit. Joseph shouldered responsibility for the loss, saying:

“This is on me, not my players, not my assistant coaches. I’ve got to do a better job, and I will. I’ve got to accept responsibility for it, and I have. We’ve got eight games left, and we’re going to get ready to win some games.”

Mickey’s wife, Priscilla Arzaga Joseph, has celebrated Mickey’s return to Nebraska via Twitter and shown support for Nebraska’s other sporting programs. 

It’s unclear when Mickey and Priscilla married as they are pretty secretive about their personal lives. However, we know the couple share six children – Jacob, Zackary, Makiyah, Malania, Maya, and Mickey Reign – who occasionally appear on their parents’ social media feeds. 

Priscilla’s Twitter header is reportedly a photo of two of her children. Arzaga expresses his love for Mickey and his job via social media. “It’s the smile for me,” Priscilla quoted a Twitter photo of Mickey posted by Nebraska Football. 

“The man’s heart is made of gold,” Priscilla told The Athletic. “I’ve never met somebody who just loves so much. He gets invested with his players on such a personal level.”

Priscilla told the outlet that Mickey often talked about returning to Nebraska. Mickey played quarterback for Nebraska in the late 80s and early 90s and was considered an NFL prospect. However, a combination of injuries and bad luck stifled his major league dreams. Priscilla told The Athletic:

“This was always inside him. He would say, ‘I want to go back and give back’ to let Nebraska people know what Nebraska meant to him. And what it means to him. Nebraska is a huge part of who he is.”

Priscilla Joseph hosts the Behind the Game w/ PJ radio show on 93.7 The Ticket KNTK. On 16th September 2022, Joseph tweeted about the show’s focus:

“I want to thank @derrickpearson @937TheTicket for everything!!! For those that have asked I will be taking some time off from my show, we are focusing on keeping things about the players, as this is about the team not us. Thank you again for all the love and support!!”

Arzaga is also a private softball coach and an assistant coach for Nebraska’s softball team. 

Her support for all things Nebraska is evident on her Twitter feed. On 18th September 2022, she quoted the following tweet with a couple of love emojis:

“Our team is built upon good foundations of love, respect, trust & excellence. Remind them as they play today that our squad is strong. Keep them all safe and guard them from injury. Lord, whether we win or lose today, may you be with our team. #GBR#LETSGOCOACHMICKEY.”