Medical Malpractice Claims in Austin: Legal Considerations and Steps to Take

Medical malpractice is becoming very common in America. It causes a considerable percentage of deaths every year. It is now the third most common reason for death in the US. If any of your loved ones or you have recently experienced medical malpractice, you might want to see a personal injury attorney in Austin.

It is crucial to see a personal injury attorney as soon as possible so that you won’t make any mistakes. Your personal injury attorney will help you regarding the next phase and what steps you can take after going through medical malpractice. We are here to give you useful information about the steps you can take in the said scenario.

Following are the important steps you need to take in this situation:

  • Make sure to communicate openly with your doctor. Try to address your problem with your physician. There should not be any additional cost of the treatment if the doctor recognizes the problem and willingly resolves it.
  • Connect with a lawyer and communicate your concerns with him. Give him all the essential details about your case; it will help him look into it deeply. He can give you perfect insights into the case. And he will then inform you whether your claim is valid.
  • Collect your medical records or documents. You can also ask your attorney to collect them on your behalf.
  • Save all the records and documents of your scheduled visits to your doctor and the treatments you received.
  • Continue with the required appropriate treatment, but if you feel any inadequacy in the treatment or delivery, you have all the right to switch your medical health provider.

List of Medical Malpractice for Liability

●      Misdiagnosis

If a doctor incorrectly diagnoses a condition that is not the actual condition the patient is facing. And that misdiagnosis leads to a patient’s death because of receiving the treatment for that condition.

●      Childbirth Errors

Prescribing any harmful medicine to the pregnant mother can lead to a liability case.

●      Medication Issues

Not checking the reactions of some medicines can lead to serious consequences.

●      Anesthesia errors

Improper Anesthesia tests can lead to serious problems during or after the surgery.

●      Surgical Mistakes

Surgical mistakes are very common. Leaving surgical tools or sponges inside the patient or causing internal bleeding are serious and common mistakes that can lead to liability claims.

Look for A New Doctor

If you have not taken any steps yet, start by looking into a new physician. And do it as early as you can. You don’t want to rely on the same doctor anymore. You don’t have to be totally sure of any medical malpractice. Just see if your doctor is not careful enough with you and harms you during the treatment; if the answer to that is yes, then that is enough clue for you to move on to another physician.

Staying under the treatment of a careless doctor can be life-threatening. Nothing should be more vital than your health. And that is why switching to a trustworthy doctor should be your first priority. Your doctor should be someone who you can trust with your health and life.

And you need to switch to a doctor who can be able to undo the mistakes of your previous physician. For instance, if your last doctor has misdiagnosed you, you will surely need a doctor who will understand your specific medical condition to diagnose it properly.

Request for the copies of Your Medical Documents As Soon As Possible

After finding a new physician, now your next step should be to collect all of your previous medical records from your last doctor. Also, request copies of your medical bills and receipts. If you are thinking of filing a medical malpractice claim/lawsuit, these medical records will be greatly useful as evidence. Medical history matters a lot in malpractice lawsuits, and the copies of your medical records are of great value in this case.

These documents include your doctor’s notes, statements of diagnosis, medical tests(blood tests, etc.), prescriptions, and some other documents. These records will give a better clue of malpractice to your legal team. Try your best to obtain these records as early as you can. This will really reduce the danger of any alterations in your medical records.

Look for An Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney for Your Case

After obtaining your medical records, now is the time to look for an experienced lawyer for your case. It is crucial to hire someone with an educational background in medical malpractice. Also, make sure to look into their experience with the same case as yours.

You need to hire someone who has fought medical malpractice cases with a good number of won cases. Finding a lawyer can be a time-consuming and energy-draining process, but it will be worth it once you hire a perfect lawyer. So, don’t worry about your research; it will be worth your time.