Let’s Find Out Some Myth-busting Facts About Pharmacy Recruitment Agency

Many pharmacists today apply for jobs via the Internet and then patiently await a response. However, in a highly competitive job market, pharmacists may have to wait a while to hear back, if they hear back at all.

You can also look for work in the pharmacy industry through staffing agencies. What are pharmacy staffing agencies, what are some of the myths associated with them, and when would it be a good idea to use one?

Pharmacy temp agencies are what?

A pharmacy staffing agency, also known as a pharmacy staffing company or a pharmacy recruiting firm, is an organization that connects businesses looking to hire pharmacists with qualified candidates.

Job-seeking pharmacists can usually work with multiple staffing agencies at once to increase their chances of finding a position in the right setting, as each staffing agency may tend to work with companies in specific pharmacy settings such as community, hospital, managed care, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The recruiter an agency pharmacist works with will typically take into account the professional and personal preferences of the pharmacist when placing them on assignments. Being a floater pharmacist is very similar to working for an agency. You won’t be floating between locations within the same pharmacy chain, but rather between chains operating in a wide range of pharmacy settings.

While staffing agencies have their advantages, not all pharmacists are comfortable using them to find work. We’ll get to these worries shortly.

Staffing agencies have a bad reputation among some pharmacists. We’ll look at some common misconceptions about them and debunk them here.

Pharmacists working for an agency compete with those employed full time.

Some in the pharmacy field feel agency pharmacists are in direct competition with them for jobs. Agency pharmacists are only there because there is a demand for their services. When a pharmacist on staff takes maternity leave and the rest of the pharmacy team is unable to fill in for her, this is a common scenario. In order to avoid any disruptions in service, pharmacies often rely on temporary agency pharmacists.

With agencies, you won’t learn anything new.

There’s a common misconception that contract pharmacists don’t get enough chances to expand their knowledge and expertise.

Since many companies in the pharmaceutical industry use temporary help services, agency pharmacists often get to try out different kinds of work. A compounding pharmacy may need to fill a temporary position, but an agency pharmacist may not have any background in veterinary compounding.

Hiring through temp services is a dead end.

Some pharmacists believe that agency pharmacists are less likely to be hired for permanent positions because of the gaps in their employment histories.

Because of their versatility and extensive experience, pharmacists who work for agencies tend to be highly sought after. The time spent working as an agency pharmacist is often listed as a single professional experience on their resumes, rather than for each individual assignment.

Pharmacists working for the government are unhappy.

Some in the pharmacy profession believe that pharmacy technician jobs holders working for agencies are unhappy and resent their jobs. In fact, many pharmacists prefer to work as contractors for temporary service providers rather than in permanent positions. These pharmacists are known for their ability to adapt to new situations, acquire new knowledge, and make new friends.