Is Live Dealer Better? Best Odds: Live Dealer card.

Ever sat at a blackjack table, savoring the subtle thrill of each card flip? Or have you clicked away on a digital version, relishing the swift gameplay? Blackjack is undeniably one of the most popular casino games, and with the advent of technology, there are two dominant formats: Live Dealer and Digital Blackjack. Let’s deep dive into each and find out which one holds the edge.

Game Mechanics Comparison

When playing 1xBet casino live dealer blackjack, the cards are typically dealt from a six- or eight-deck shoe. This differs from digital blackjack where the deck is virtually reshuffled after every hand. Why does this matter? Well, for those who count cards, the deck’s consistent shuffle in digital play makes their strategy almost void.

Return to Player (RTP) Metrics

Interestingly, the RTP for both live dealer blackjack and its digital counterpart are often neck-to-neck. This means, theoretically, players can expect a similar average return over time. But do the numbers tell the entire story?

Gaming Environment

Have you ever tried dancing without music? That’s what playing digital blackjack can sometimes feel like. It lacks the ambiance—a live dealer’s conversation, fellow players’ chatters, and the real-time suspense. However, digital blackjack offers an isolated environment, which some might argue allows for better concentration.

Player Engagement Levels

With a live dealer, the interaction is tangible. The camaraderie shared among players, the banter, and even occasional shared frustrations make the experience more immersive. On the flip side, digital blackjack, with its graphics and sound effects, offers a different kind of immersion.

Trust and Credibility

Some players swear by the trustworthiness of seeing cards shuffled and dealt in real-time, as in live dealer blackjack. In contrast, digital blackjack relies on Random Number Generators (RNG), and while reputable casinos ensure fairness, the invisible mechanics might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Game Speed and Flow

Digital blackjack is like a speedboat—fast, efficient, and direct. Players dictate the pace. Live dealer blackjack, meanwhile, is more like a leisurely river cruise. There’s a rhythm, dictated by real-world mechanics. It’s slower, but some might say, richer.

Convenience Factor

No need for a fancy suit or drive to a casino; both formats offer the comfort of playing from home. However, digital blackjack provides the added benefit of quick sessions, ideal for those short on time.

Tips for Live Dealer Blackjack

Since live dealer blackjack doesn’t shuffle the deck after every hand, card counting could be a viable strategy. Remember, patience is key! Also, use the interaction to your advantage; understanding the dealer’s style and fellow players’ moves can provide valuable insights.

Tactics for Digital Blackjack

Given the frequent shuffling, card counting is a no-go here. Instead, focus on basic blackjack strategies, like when to hit, stand, double down, or split. Also, since it’s faster, managing your bankroll and setting strict limits is essential.

Description: It’s like playing a computer game where you play against a digital dealer.


  • Variety of games and tables available.

  • Suitable for smaller budgets.

  • Pressure-free gameplay.


  • Not as immersive as live blackjack.

  • Lower odds compared to live blackjack.

  • Lacks the thrill of real-life interactions.

  • Live Blackjack:

Description: Real-time gaming experience with a human dealer and other players via video feed.


  • Slightly better odds.

  • Immersive casino feel.

  • Higher thrill factor.


  • Limited tables.

  • Not always budget-friendly.

  • Potentially more stressful due to real-time decisions.

Cracking the Odds

In live blackjack, a six or eight deck shoe is used, which is periodically shuffled. Online blackjack typically reshuffles after every hand. In terms of odds, live blackjack has a slight edge over online blackjack due to this difference in shuffling.

House Edge and RTP

All blackjack games have a house edge. A lower house edge means better odds for the player. RTP (Return to Player) gives an average of what players can expect to win back from their bets.

Strategies to Beat the House Edge

Various game rules can affect the house edge. Players should seek out games with rules that reduce the house edge.

Card counting can be used to determine the odds in blackjack, but it’s not recommended in live casinos.

Basic blackjack strategies can improve your odds against the dealer.

Advanced Odds

The odds of winning three consecutive blackjack hands is 10.6%.

The chances of getting a ten-value card as your first card is 30.7%.

Final Thoughts

For Kiwis just starting out, it’s advisable to play low stakes online blackjack before moving onto live games and eventually real casinos. Practice is key to mastering the game.

Remember, this is just a summarized version. Readers interested in a detailed understanding should refer to the original guide provided. Always ensure responsible gambling and understand that while strategies can increase your chances, they do not guarantee consistent wins.

Conclusive Verdict

So, which is better? It’s akin to comparing apples and oranges. Both have their merits. For some, the authentic feel of live dealer blackjack is irreplaceable, while others might relish the speed and efficiency of digital blackjack. Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference based on the factors discussed.


The world of blackjack is vast and varied. Whether you’re mingling with live dealers or swiftly navigating digital platforms, the essence of the game remains—strategy, luck, and a bit of nerve. Choose your game based on what resonates with you, but remember, always play responsibly.


Is card counting possible in digital blackjack?

No, due to the consistent reshuffling of the deck after every hand.

How do I ensure fairness in digital blackjack?

Choose reputable casinos that use verified Random Number Generators.

Is the RTP the same for both versions of blackjack?

Typically, yes. Both versions offer similar average returns over extended gameplay.

Can I play live dealer blackjack on mobile?

Yes, many online casinos offer live dealer games optimized for mobile play.

Which version of blackjack is faster?

Digital blackjack is generally faster as players control the pace.