High-Fidelity Elegance: Choosing The Perfect Turntable For Your Audio Setup

Have you ever found yourself humming your heart out of that old song from the 60’s? You might pleasantly catch yourself lost in nostalgia, though you are a migrant from that era. Maybe you are just an old soul finding comfort in the things of the past. Good news! Max out the longings of your old soul by choosing the best turntable with these steps.

Why Choose Turntable?

Gramophones and turntables share something in common: their looks. Hence, turntables could have that old-school vibe. However, the gramophones cannot play vinyl like in turntables.

Returning to the question, some might say that it is just more of an aesthetic and that there are better options. Well, not really. Turntables produce better sounds because of the intricate technology used and its creation, along with the exquisite techniques used with vinyl records that they play. Watch out for these tips if you crave having one on your audio setup. 

Lookout for the Best Specs

Models of turntables, like other devices, offer different specifications. Keep an eye on these specs as you shop for your “the one.”

1. Diamond Stylus

Look into the material used in the stylus. Choose a diamond stylus because it contributes to the device’s sound quality.

2. Low Resonance Tonearm

Tonearms hold the turntable’s needle, and lightweight tonearms are gentler on vinyl records, minimizing the chances of producing weird noises.

3. 12-Inch Platters

Choose a turntable that could fully support your vinyl. Twelve-inch platters and bigger ones decrease the risks of the vinyl tipping to one side.

4. Low Vibration Motor

Vibration is undesirable in turntable sound production because it might cause noise and could mess up the sound quality. The motor (the part that spins the record) and its stability are necessary. Choose a turntable model made with measures that address this need.

5. High-quality Phono Cartridge

You can think of your phono cartridge as a sound translator. The cartridge holds your stylus and detects the movements made by your stylus as it comes into contact with the vinyl grooves. Stylus movements detected are changed into electric signals, which are later projected into speakers to produce sound. Catridge’s function makes it the most, if not one, of the most integral parts of your turntable.

Check Your Personal Preference

If you consider yourself a person of exquisite musical taste, belt-drive turntables may suit you better. Belt-drive turntables produce smooth musical sounds, which you might prefer. If you are a jockey who wants to set the house on fire with some lit music, then direct-drive turntables are better for you. This type of turntable plays records that can spin at consistent speeds.

Turntables might sound complicated, but no worries. The right shop has the best of the best brands committed to getting one right at your alley. Here are a few more things you should weigh in choosing a turntable that would satisfy your preferences.

1. Automaticity

If you are really into that old-school vibe, a manual turntable that requires you to place the tonearm in place to start and restart the music might be your thing. There are also fully automatic and semi-automatic ones.

Simply put, a fully automatic turntable is the complete opposite of a manual one—able to maneuver its tonearm to do both tasks. On the other hand, a semi-automatic can maneuver its tonearm to play music yet requires you to move its tonearm for another round.

2. Portable vs. Wireless

Among turntables, these terms cannot be used interchangeably. Wireless turntables can run on batteries and can be portable. But portable ones are not necessarily wireless but have a handle and can be locked like a suitcase. 

3. Style

Turntables are sold in various styles and “fashion.” Your modern, chic, industrial, retro, minimalist, or Japandi-themed audio setup will not have any problem taking in one more piece. Visuals will not be an issue.

High-Fidelity Upgrade: Elevated Way of Life

Regardless of your inclination to music, music is a wonderful component of life. Music plausibly influences man’s emotional and mental health. Your day can be made better by that awesome song you randomly heard while queueing for your coffee.

Music’s effects might be the logic behind why some pursue careers in improving the majority’s access to quality music and why people spend money on their musical devices. If you are a beginner building your audio setup, acquiring your turntable might be the perfect initial step to an elevated way of life.