Herbicides: How To Safely And Properly Apply Herbicides In Your Yard

Battling weeds in your lawn, garden beds, or landscaped areas can be a pain. Herbicides can help homeowners achieve a lush, green space free of unwelcome plants. When used correctly, certain herbicides provide killer weed control without messing up desired grasses or flowers. This article will talk about picking, applying, and storing common ones like Certainty herbicides safely and properly.

Picking The Right Herbicide

The first step is precisely identifying the weeds in your yard, so you apply the appropriate herbicide. Some common lawn and garden culprits include dandelions, clover, nutsedge, and annual bluegrass.

Knowing the specific weed allows choosing an herbicide containing the active ingredient suited to eliminate it. Blindly spraying random products brings the risk of applying an herbicide that does no harm or, worse, damages desired plants.

Using it the Right Way

Applying herbicides correctly is crucial for it to work properly and safely. Watering your lawn first allows even coverage across the yard. Wear protective eyewear and clothing to avoid skin or eye exposure.

Carefully measure and mix concentrates as directed. Spray weeds on calm days unless the label says otherwise to prevent drift. Sweep any granules that fall onto pavement back onto lawns.

Allow the recommended drying time before mowing or allowing pets/kids to access the area. Store any leftover herbicide as instructed to keep it freshest for the next go-round.

Safety First

Always make safety the number one priority when using yard chemicals. Never apply herbicides near waterways, and prevent runoff by not treating slopes when it’s raining cats and dogs. Close and lock storage areas after each use.

Never apply herbicides if rain is in the forecast, and be mindful of wind conditions if you’re spraying. Promptly wash any clothing or tools accidentally splattered with herbicide concentrate.

Certainty Herbicide for Warm-Weather Grass

One popular choice for hot weather lawns is Certainty herbicide, which kills weeds efficiently, including dandelions, purple nutsedge, clover, and annual bluegrass (Poa annual) without affecting Bermuda, Kikuyu, St. Augustine, Centipede, Zoysia, and other Southern grasses.

Certainty works by being absorbed through the leaves, so simply spray targeted weeds to wipe them out. Its effects become visible within two weeks as weeds start turning yellow and dying off.

One application covers over 70,000 square feet of lawn. Certainty even works across a wide temperature range in spring, summer or fall for flexible timing.

Long-Haul Lawn Health

While herbicides offer a quick fix for weeds, a big-picture approach promotes natural, long-lasting lawn health. Aerating and overseeding with desired grass seed smothers weeds and strengthens turf over time. Raise mowing heights and leave clippings to recycle nutrients back into the soil.

Top-dress with compost to build organic matter and fill bare spots to deny weeds entry points. Water deeply and less often to encourage deep grass roots instead of shallow weeds.

The Bottom Line

With a bit of planning and following these basic safety tips, homeowners can capably gain control over intrusive weeds in their yards. For hot-weather lawns, Certainty herbicide delivers reliable control of pain-in-the-butt weeds while keeping turf healthy. Using targeted applications along with natural lawn care makes for an awesome-looking yard free of competitive weeds.