Everything we know about Greta Onieogou’s parents

Greta Onieogou is one of the few actors who freely share their personal lives with fans. You can find most of Greta’s life on her YouTube channel, which has attracted thousands of subscribers. However, even Greta’s forthcoming nature has a limit. 

You will note that her parents rarely feature on her social media pages. She talks about them freely, but they seem to detest being in the limelight. Greta is yet to reveal her parent’s names, but she has spoken of their nationalities. 

Greta Onieogou is Nigerian-Russian. Her father is a Nigerian native, and her mother hails from Russia. 

Greta Onieogou was born on 14th March 1991 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to Nigerian-Russian parents. 

The family moved from Russia to Canada when Greta was 5. “My family moved to Toronto from St. Petersburg when I was 5,” Greta told CBC. “I still have a lot of family back there.”

Onieogou has lived in Canada for most of her life but is still fluent in Russian. She considers English to be her second language. 

As she concluded a Q&A video posted on 30th June 2020, Greta proved that she is eloquent in Russian by speaking fluent Russian for what she called ‘the Russian segment of the video.’

Greta maintains strong ties with her native St. Petersburg, which is one of her favorite cities. 

Greta participated in rhythmic gymnastics and even trained with Olympian Alexandra Orlando, but her passion was acting. 

“Acting is something I’ve been doing from a very young age, and I was lucky enough to have super supportive parents who helped nurture and developed my passion,” Greta told CBC

Onieogou’s parents supported her acting, but they wouldn’t let her get a furry pet. Greta’s dad suffered from a fur allergy, so he couldn’t risk being around a furry pet. 

Instead, Greta’s parents allowed her to keep a newt. “I don’t have any pets,” she explained, “but I used to have a black and orange newt named Nikki. If my dad weren’t allergic to any living creature with fur on it, I would love to have a pug!”