Get A Headstart To The UEFA EURO 2024 With An FC 24 Player Item

D: Stay tuned for the UEFA EURO 24 tournament mode coming to FC 24 next summer.

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FC 24 offers one footballer item from the qualifying UEFA EURO 2024 teams to all those who play the game between December 18th and January 16th.

U7Buy is the best place to buy FIFA coins at cheap prices! Are you ready to enjoy the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024 in FC 24? While the tournament won’t be here for at least six months, we can already enjoy a small portion of it. FC 24 is committed to offering a realistic football experience. Including all the major football events in the game is part of this commitment. Next year, a significant football tournament will take place. We are talking about the UEFA EURO 2024. FC 24 has prepared a special campaign that allows us to earn one footballer from six of the teams that will take part in the prestigious tournament.

How to Earn a Free FC 24 UEFA EURO 2024 Player Item

Play the game. That’s all. We couldn’t have better news for you. You don’t need to complete any activity, take part in any event, or build teams for Squad Building Challenges. All you need to do is just show up and play the game. It’s business as usual. Just log into the game and do your usual activities, such as completing weekly promos and playing games with friends and people all over the world. The campaign that gives the free UEFA EURO 2024 player item begins on December 18th and ends on January 16th. As you can see, the time frame is more than generous. This is a busy time of the year, but you surely can find the time to enjoy FC 24 even if it is for just a little while. The reward is one of the six UEFA EURO 2024 player items.

Who Are the Six FC 24 UEFA EURO 2024 Players?

Representing Italy, we have Federico Chiesa. He has been a winger for his national team since 2018. Ousmane Dembele is a French player who made the national team in 2016. Coming from Birmingham we have Jack Grealish as the frontman of the English team. Alvaro Morata is a veteran of the Spanish team. He has been with them since 2014. Virgil van Dijk, the captain of the Netherlands national team, is one of the six UEFA EURO 24 players. Florian Wirtz from the Germany national squad completes the selection. These players represent a few of the participant teams. They are all amazing footballers and we cannot wait to see how they will perform in the tournament. You can expect them to do great things for your team as well. Especially since you will be able to play the tournament in the game next summer.

The UEFA EURO 24 Is Coming to FC 24 Next Summer

A UEFA EURO 24 tournament mode is coming to FC 24 next year. The exact date has not yet been revealed. It should be in June. The tournament begins on the 14th of June and lasts for a month. We will not just watch the football games but also play with them thanks to FC 24. It is highly likely that a tournament simulator will predict the outcome. We cannot wait for the result. Come to and discover a professional coin-seller service with custom offers and attractive prices!