Who is Gary Vee’s wife? His marital status detailed

Gary Vee is a Belarusian-American internet personality famous for giving advice on entrepreneurial success. Nearly all posts on his Instagram page are videos offering his millions of followers tips on triumphing in various fields. Some people doubt the authenticity of Vee’s success and the advice he provides, but it hasn’t affected his influence.

Vee, short for Vaynerchuck, occasionally addresses his personal life via social media. The latest posts about his love life have raised eyebrows as they don’t seem to conform with the information available. 

Vee married Lizzie Vaynerchuk in November 2004, but their union seems to have ended. 

Gary Vee announced his separation from Lizzie Vaynerchuk by posting an Instagram photo alongside his current love interest, wellness influencer Mona Vand. “You make me so deeply happy,” Gary captioned the post. “Life with you is beautiful,” Vans captioned a photo of the couple. 

Since the revelation, Gary and Mona have appeared regularly on each other’s social media feeds. 

It’s unclear when and why Gary separated from his ex-wife Lizzie. He hasn’t posted or spoken about Lizzie in several years, so we suspect the separation happened a while ago. 

Gary and Lizzie Vaynerchuk wed on 13th November 2004. They welcomed their daughter in late May 2009 and their son, Xander, in August 2012. “In 11 days my son Xander turns 1 – I love him so much!” Gary tweeted in early August 2013.

In September 2014, Vee posted an article on Medium praising Lizzie’s impact on his life. Gary stated that Vee’s unwavering support facilitated his success:

“The truth is, I’m absolutely flabbergasted by Lizzie’s impact on my career. Her support, her complete and utter 100,000% support, is a major factor that gives me the headspace I need to be all-in.”

Vee wrote that Lizzie’s support allowed him to devote himself to his business. “Having a supportive significant other is massively important for success,” Gary concluded.