Fever Blisters on Lips: Essential Tips for Fast Relief

Fevers are hectic by themselves but it’s even more annoying to deal with those sore bumps they leave behind on places like our lips.

They usually reside on your lips for a few days like an unwelcome visitor. However, they come with a tingling sensation of neverending pain. That’s why plenty of treatments are available to help your lips regain their senses. Other than the lips, these swollen wounds can pop up any part of your face accumulating moisture both inside and outside your mouth area.

Plus they are absolutely contagious and continue to infect the area long after healing. So we have gathered a handful of remedies to get you the best options possible.

Treatment of Fever Blisters on Lips

Fever blisters are painful and intolerable. Applying natural treatments or more modern light therapy can work wonders when it comes to healing blisters. We have listed some for you:

Ice Packs

A quick home remedy to soothe your throbbing blister can be applying a cold compress. Ice is available in every household so anyone can use this treatment option. Wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth then place it gently against your fever blister. Ice introduces a cooling sensation to that area and makes it numb if held in the same spot for a while. Numbing in turn helps to relieve your pain. It also constricts blood flow to that area reducing the inflammation. Avoid applying pressure for the best results. Be consistent with this treatment for a couple of days and your fever blisters will stop surfacing again.

Lip Balms

Petroleum jelly like Vaseline is extremely versatile. This is the best way to retain moisture on to your infected spot. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your fever blisters and leave it overnight. But be cautious to avoid your bare fingers touching that infected spot. Another balm treatment is lip balm containing lemons. Lemons are citrus containing an abundance of Vitamin C. So ointments containing lemons should be your go-to. Now sunlight can also trigger outbreaks. To prevent it you should look out for lip balms containing SPF. Plus it is fun reapplying lip balms. It means you can make your lips look good while curing your blisters at the same time.

Antiviral Drugs

We would pause you here as you definitely require consultation from a healthcare professional before following this step. Antiviral creams like docosanol are usually available in your local dispensary. These ointments help relieve your pain as well as the severity of your blisters. Plus they will prevent your lips from getting those crusty dead skin once your blisters are healed. Acyclovir and valacyclovir are some of the most common drugs prescribed by doctors for more continuous outbreaks. Continue taking these drugs for a week straight to heal your sores faster. Discuss it with your doctor for getting the most appropriate combination for yourself.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are phenomenal therapeutic remedies to pacify your stingy fever blisters. Tea tree oil is a top-tier product for antiviral treatment. It acts as a catalyst for the overall healing procedure. Plus it prevents any extra plaque formation. Next is oregano oil which is widely used in treating viral infections. Another beneficial oil is witch hazel. It helps to reduce moisture from the affected area which causes the sore to dry out. This assists in soothing any remaining inflammation. These oils are also easy to apply. Just pour some on a cotton ball and press it to your irritation. Use regularly until it is fully healed.

Home Remedies

Home remedies for a quick makeshift treatment relive through generations. First, your body requires a break so take as much rest as needed. Then for getting relief from your soreness, soak up some tea bags in hot water and place them directly to your spot. Green tea contains antioxidants that suppress the growth of viruses. Aloe vera gel can also soothe your swelling. Scrape out some gel from an aero vera leaf and rub it on your infected area. It is anti-inflammatory so your redness will soon disappear. Licorice extract can also slowly heal your blisters. Keep using these natural remedies until you see visible change.


Supplements are the most effortless ways to heal your fever blisters. Gulp down a handful before starting your day. A renowned amino acid-infused supplement is L-lysine. It cuts down the duration of your fever blisters and heals them completely. Another one is zinc therapy. Zinc is widely used for its healing miracle. Taking zinc supplements regularly not only reduces your soreness but also prevents any emerging viruses from entering your cells. Consult a healthcare professional to understand the side effects. Complete a full prescribed dosage to get the best results.

Light Therapy

Incorporating modern technology into your fever blister treatment can also be highly beneficial. Light therapy can be a tremendous remedy for your cold sores. Red lights of low wavelengths are usually used in this process. This is usually done using red light therapy beds or lamps. This low-level light reduces your wounded bump by increasing blood flow. It helps to treat your blister as well as addresses other underlying issues to prevent it from emerging again. Subject the light to your affected spot for approximately three minutes and continue for a couple of days. As a result, red light therapy can be considered the quickest way to remove fever blisters.

Bottom Line

Fever blisters are outrageous. They pop up out of nowhere right after you’re done suffering from a fever. Make sure to apply our guidelines the next time these unwelcome guests arrive on your face.

In a nutshell, fever blisters are an inconvenience to our health. They are extremely painful which is why several treatments are conducted. Ice packs provide a numbing sensation while lip balms protect our lips from UV rays. You can also make lip masks out of available ingredients along with essential oils to reduce your bump. Start your treatment with antiviral drugs and supplements for more effective healing. Modern light therapy is the quickest remedy out of all.

Follow the remedy appropriate for you to get rid of these unwanted fever blisters.