Check Out This Luvme Hair Pixie Cut Wigs

One of the benefits of wigs is the ability to switch between different looks effortlessly. You can be on a long bang and, in the next hour, switch to a cute pixie look. A pixie cut wig is one of the styles taking the market by storm currently. 

If you want to explore the style, consider a top store like Luvme Hair. It has them in abundance and at some of the fairest prices in the market.

This article will educate you on all you need about Luvme Hair pixie cut wigs. You’ll understand what they are, why you should consider them, and general information about this wig type.

What are Pixie Cut Wigs?

A pixie cut is a hairstyle that is short at the front, sides, and back while having a comparatively long length at the top, and it is usually around six inches long. A pixie cut wig is anyone who has a pixie cut hairstyle. The hairstyle gained popularity in the 1950s and has stayed on the scene ever since. 

A style that you can’t separate from a pixie cut is bangs. Although a pixie cut isn’t traditionally a bang wig, its hairline has a fringe-like ending. The “bangs” with pixie cut wigs are short and isn’t full bang wig. However, there are some pixie-cut wigs with dedicated bangs that are longer.

What are the Benefits of Pixie Cut Wigs?

  • It’s Confident

Doing a pixie cut wig with your natural hair burns down to trusting your stylist. They have to cut their hair, and mistakes are, more often than not, irreversible. However, a pixie cut wig gives you the confidence to wear the wig type without hurting your natural hair. It even serves as a protective style.

  • It’s A Recovery Hairstyle

Pixie-cut wigs are perfect for ladies who lost their hair due to chemo. It lets them look their best while their hair grows back. The best thing is you can make your hair into a pixie cut when it’s old enough and make the transition from wig to your actual hair like nothing happened.

  • Perfect for Older Ladies

Pixie-cut wigs are confident and help you achieve a youthful and vibrant look. Therefore, it’s the perfect option for women in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s looking to run back the years. A pixie-cut wig won’t make you unnaturally younger, but you’ll sure get that queeny, youthful look.

  • It’s Easy to Maintain

It’s incomplete to talk about the benefits of pixie cut wigs without mentioning their ease of maintenance. You spend less money replacing maintenance products and also less time on the actual maintenance job.

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Pixie Cut Wigs

Human hair and synthetic are the two hair types you can choose from when buying pixie cut wigs. Synthetic wigs are made from unnatural fibers, while human hair wigs are 100% actual hair sourced globally. The difference between both hair types is usually evident, but with a short style like a pixie cut, it’s tight.

Moreover, manufacturing advancements have come up with synthetic wigs that now look similar to human hair. If you want to buy a synthetic pixie cut, you won’t have many problems because the unnatural look is more challenging to detect than in long units.

The main reason is that it isn’t a hair that would move much. Also, synthetic wig is low maintenance and cost less. It also holds up styles better, which is essential for pixie cuts.

However, human hair wigs last longer than synthetic ones. Human hair will last at least one year, while synthetic only lasts six months. Also, no matter how realistic a synthetic wig will look, a human hair wig will always beat it.

With human hair wigs, you can switch between different pixie cut styles. However, you can only wear the pre-built style with a synthetic variant. Even if you can change the style, it isn’t as easy and effective as a natural one.

What are Some Pixie Cut Wig Styles?

Pixie cut wig is the name of the generic style. There are many other sub-styles that you can explore. Knowing the difference between these styles can help you select better. Anyone can wear a pixie cut wig if they stick to a style that matches their face shape. If you opt for the wrong style, you might buy a unit you dislike.

Some of the styles include the curly pixie wig, wavy pixie, water-wave pixie, cropped pixie, pixie-cut wig with wispy bangs, pixie cut wig with side-swept bangs, angled pixie, blonde pixie, and pixie bob.

How to Wear Your Pixie Cut Wigs?

Pixie cut wigs are one of those that you can wear as they come in the box. You don’t have to do much after-styling, especially if you buy them in pre-cut and pre-bleached lace. The wig can be glued or glueless installed and can be lace or no lace wig.

Whichever wig type you buy, the installation process is similar. Prepare your natural hair by making it as flat as possible, and use a wig cap to provide a base. Wear the wig like a cap, and if it’s a glued install, use the adhesive to secure it to your head.

Cut the excess lace off it if it’s not pre-cut, and style the wig however you want.

What are Some Luvme Hair Pixie Cut Wigs?

Luvme Hair has pixie cut wigs in lace frontals, closures, minimalist lace wigs, and even throw-on-and-go wigs. You can get all its available units in its “pixie cut wigs” section.

Luvme Hair has the Mature Boss Undetectable Lace Pixie Cut Wig, perfect for ladies looking for a chic and confident look.

If curly is what you love, the Dark Red Highlight Afro Curl Glueless Lace Wig has all you need to make magic happen. You can also check out the body wave wigs. All these wigs are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can get at Luvme Hair.


Pixie-cut wigs are short but majestic and are perfect for ladies looking for a confident and bossy look. They’re comfortable, stylish, and low maintenance. You should carefully evaluate your options and select the appropriate style to achieve the best possible look. If you’re ready to shop, Luvme Hair is one of your best options for an effortless pixie-cut look.