Brock Turner’s life in 2022 – The convicted sexual offender lives and works in Ohio

Brock Turner is a former Stanford University student who gained international fame after being found guilty of sexually assaulting Chanel Miller. Two students stopped Turner’s assault on the unconscious Miller and held him in place until the police arrived. Turner pleaded not guilty to two rape charges, two felony assault charges, and one attempted rape charge. 

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The absence of DNA evidence defeated the rape charge. Brock was, however, found guilty of felony sexual assault and sentenced to six months in jail and three years of probation. Turner secured release after three months due to good behavior. A three-judge bench denied his appeal against the sentence. 

As of 2021, Turner works for a cooling technology company in his native Ohio. Per The Daily Mail, Brock’s entry-level job earns him $12 an hour. Turner lives in his parent’s home in Bellbrook, Ohio, and drives a 2008 Chrysler. 

A source speaking to The Daily Mail revealed that Brock is a reserved character. “He worked in shipping and receiving and he is now in quality control,” the source said.

“He’s been with us for just over two years. He’s really quiet and polite. He doesn’t say much and he’s not really chatty with anyone. He just keeps his head down and does his job, no problems.”

Turner completed his probation in 2019 but will remain on the sex offenders list for life. Per most commentators, Turner deserved a harsher sentence than the one he received from Aaron Persky.

Turner might not have spent as much time in jail as people thought he should have, but his inclusion in the sex offenders list will loom over him for life.  

Aaron’s decision came back to bite him as he was recalled and replaced by voters in June 2018. 

Brock was, from the outside at least, an outstanding student and a future star. He’d joined Stanford from Oakwood High School on a swimming scholarship. 

However, behind the façade lay a life filled with drug and alcohol use. Some reports indicate that Brock used drugs such as LSD and ecstasy. He was arrested in 2014 for being in possession of alcohol while being legally unqualified to drink alcohol. 

A year later, Brock sexually assaulted a passed-out Chanel Miller. He withdrew from Stanford two days after his arrest. Stanford responded by banning him from ever setting foot on the campus. 

He also received a ban from competitive swimming, which barred him from realizing his dream of representing the United States in the Olympics. 

Brock’s life went downhill after his assault, but the life of his victim, Chanel Miller, soared. The system might have failed her, but she didn’t let the disappointment keep her down. 

First, Miller took the brave decision to publicly reveal her identity (she was referred to as Emily Doe throughout the trial). Second, she took control of her story and told it through her memoir Know My Name

Andrea Schulz, the editor-in-chief of the book’s publishing company Viking, talked to The New York Times about Miller’s contribution to the book:

“It was just obvious to me from the beginning what she had to say and how different it was and how extraordinarily well she was going to say it. She had the brain and the voice of a writer from the very beginning, even in that situation.”