Brillia: The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Solution For The Whole Family

Anxiety can cause stress and chaos in a family home. People with anxiety can be irritable and fragile. Loved ones can become overprotective and defensive. The condition can alienate family and friends, leaving the people most affected feeling isolated and lost.

Brillia is a potential solution — the homeopathic remedy claims to address symptoms like hyperactivity, anxiety, irritability, and impulsivity. Check out Brillia reviews to learn more and determine if it is right for you and your family.

Natural vs. Non-Prescription

You have likely heard the debate over stimulant vs. non-stimulant ADHD meds for anxiety treatment. There is another common debate over natural vs. non-prescription therapies. While it’s blurry, there is a definitive line between natural and non-prescription.

Natural options are derived from plants, animals, minerals, and other natural sources. They represent things like herbs, vitamins, essential oils, and probiotics. Natural is also closely tied to homeopathy. Natural items are also less regulated by the FDA, meaning less rigorous testing for effectiveness and safety.

Non-prescription medicines are over-the-counter medications that do not require a prescription from a doctor. Some examples of non-prescription items include allergy medications, pain relievers, and cold and cough remedies. The FDA regulates OTC medicines as drugs, meaning they undergo more rigorous testing than natural options.

Brillia is a natural remedy. It is safe and effective, and its active ingredient is Lapine S-100B; it’s an antibody to the S100B protein. The protein is linked to conditions like ADHD and anxiety. Brillia uses the antibody to reduce the activity of the protein, lessening symptoms of anxiety and ADHD.

Enhances Focus and Anxiety

Brillia is an over-the-counter ADHD medication for child and adults. The company behind Brillia strongly believes the S100B protein causes hyperactivity in the brain of people with anxiety and ADHD. As a homeopathic organization, it also believes in a “like cures like” mentality, which is why it uses the antibody for the active protein.

The theory behind Brillia is that the antibodies bind to the S100B protein, reducing its activity and decreasing symptoms like anxiety and hyperactivity. In other words, the antibodies act as calming agents.

Many parents and non-parents stand by the remedy. You can visit the Brillia website and find numerous rave reviews about how the remedy solves whole-family anxiety. Still, as a parent and consumer, you have a right to be suspicious and hesitant.

While Brillia is an excellent product, there is a lack of robust studies and clinical research on the effectiveness of the treatment. Because evidence is hard to come by, it is best to talk to a medical professional about Brillia as an anxiety treatment. Also, Brillia is likely best for people with mild-to-moderate anxiety, not severe.

Anxiety can cause many problems in a household. Thankfully, with therapy and effective treatment, people with anxiety can find peace and happiness. Brillia is a safe and effective natural remedy with numerous positive reviews. If you think it is the right option for your family, contact your doctor or local pharmacist to discuss its merits.