Begin Your 21-Day Wellness Journey With EWOT!

Gymming or Yoga, or should you go for a quick run? There are endless ways to achieve a healthier version of yourself. You can pick any. But, if you feel breathless while walking or climbing stairs, you may need to think differently. Also, for those with busy schedules who can only devote less than an hour to physical activity, options may again vary.

Those who have tried everything from high-intensity cardio sessions to pilates but are not happy with the results that only last for a few weeks will also have a different opinion.

So, how do you start your 21-day transformative wellness journey that caters to all the above categories? Research says EWOT could be an effective way to do so. It is backed by results that benefit people of all ages to live their lives to the fullest.

When you do your exercises with more oxygen, you get more done in less time and with minimal effort. The increased supply of oxygen helps increase stamina, accelerates metabolism, enhances mental focus, and allows you to feel relaxed.

Coming back to how you can get started with oxygen exercise therapy well, planning is the key. But where to begin? Fret not; we have done some digging for you. So here’s your 21-day guide with all the essentials–


Day 1: Set Your Goals– Both Short & Long Term

What’s the first thing you must decide while framing your fitness or wellness schedule? Targets, whether long-term or short-term, gaining clarity on what you intend to achieve is the key to getting things done.

So, keep this day to understand which type of plan you want. Is it weight loss or muscle gain, or do you want to improve your stamina? Decide and jot it down somewhere as a reminder.

Day 2-3: Invest in Quality EWOT Machines

When it comes to health, you can’t bargain on quality. So, make no exceptions when you’re purchasing EWOT machines

Do some research, compare your options, and analyze which one will work best for you. For instance, finding more about reservoirs will help, or you can base your decision on ease of use.

Day 4: Understand Your Equipment

Once you have the machine, it’s time to get familiar with its working. You don’t have to go through EWOT training; reading the user manual thoroughly is enough. 

It’ll help you understand the workings of various components, learn how to adjust oxygen levels, and maintain your equipment in good condition. So there are no interruptions.

Day 5-7: Plan Your Schedule

Now it’s time to lay out your fitness map to help you conveniently navigate the upcoming days. However, keep the schedule realistic. Because if you’re a night owl who sleeps at 2 AM, waking up for an early morning walk will only invite trouble.

Also, it’ll disrupt your sleep schedule, further making you frustrated and eventually giving up.

The key here is to enjoy your routine. It doesn’t matter if you pick morning or evening; all you need is 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted workout, but with ‘Cool down’ breaks.

Day 8-10: Choose Exercises You Want to Do

The most exciting part begins now. After deciding your goals and fixing a routine, it’s time to select the exercises that you want to do. Based on your purpose, find a workout that helps you get closer to those results.

If enhancing endurance is your fitness target, then add cardio exercises, whereas, for toning muscles, pilates could be good.

And, in all these, EWOT will prove to be a great add-on. Since these will help you breathe in supplemental oxygen, increasing the overall output of your workouts.

Day 11: Begin with Low-Intensity Workouts

Instead of getting too excited and jumping straight on the treadmill, let your body be accustomed to the equipment first. While doing so, engage your body in breathing exercises or do some stretching.

Day 12-14: Track Your Progress 

Did you skip a day? Or got more done? Monitor your fitness results by knowing how much you’re accomplishing.

Keep a journal noting which exercises you did were easy and difficult. It’ll help you measure your performance and modify the routine accordingly.

Day 15-16: Focus on Hydration & Nutrition

It’s essential to follow a balanced diet to maximize your results. However, you don’t have to be too strict; a few lifestyle changes will do. For instance, you can keep count of your calorie intake and water that your body requires and keep a check on your eating habits a little.

Day 17-19: Stay Motivated

During your journey, there may be instances where you may feel demotivated and may want to give up. Plus, you’ll be doing most of these workouts at home, and there’s a chance you’ll feel lonely.

So, before those feelings sink in deep inside your mind, making you actually put your wellness journeys in a drawer, leave one day to boost your motivation levels.

Ask your partner if they want to join you or take the equipment to your garden and start walking.

Day 20: Analyze Your Schedule

As you’re coming closer to the end of your journey, take some time to review your schedule and make the necessary editions.

For instance, you can assess the current outcome and set new goals for the future.

Day 21: Keep Going, You’re Halfway Through!

Congrats! You have developed the discipline. But it’s not the time to stop. You must continue your oxygen exercise therapy and keep reaping the benefits of this advanced technology.

Ready to Unlock a Healthier Version of You?

Exercise with oxygen therapy is a unique, effective, yet affordable way to achieve your health goals. The machines won’t cost you thousands of dollars or force you to step outside your home. 

With convenience and flexibility, it also offers results that sustain for a long time, given that you are physically caring for yourself. In other words, the inches you lose and the muscles you gain won’t disappear in only a few weeks.

Try this 21-day health and wellness plan that helps you benefit from the advanced mechanism of EWOT machines. All it takes is 15-20 minutes, quality equipment, and your dedication to do so.

So, strap on your masks, lace up your shoes, and get ready to be the new, healthier YOU!