Is Richard Madden gay? A Closer look at Richard’ sexuality

The eagerly awaited Eternals film has attracted chatter for the action it promises, the answers it will give regarding other storylines in the MCU, and the fact that it will include the first openly gay character in the MCU. “He’s married, he’s got a family, and that is just part of who he is,” Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio’s president, said on Good Morning America

Richard Madden will play a central role in the movie and opines that it’s ‘hugely important’ that Eternals has a diverse cast. Madden famously played a gay role in Rocketman, which brought his real-life sexuality into focus. 

Richard Madden has dated plenty of women in the past, ruling out the possibility that he is gay. 

However, his portrayal of gay roles and rumored relationship with the openly gay Brandon Flynn has cast doubt over Richard Madden’s sexuality. 

Following his star turn in Rocketman, The Guardian asked him about his view on actors playing roles that don’t match their real-life sexualities. “We have to focus more on diversity and having everyone represented, but I’m also a firm believer in the best actor for the part,” he said. 

He then refused to talk about his personal life or address any speculation surrounding it. The New York Times also tried to coax Richard into talking about his private life, and like The Guardian, came face-to-face with Madden’s brick wall.

“I just keep my personal life personal,” Madden said. “I’ve never talked about my relationships.” Richard also shared the innovative way he avoids paparazzi:

“I wear the same clothes days in a row, because if it looks like the same day, they can’t run the pictures. There’s only so many photos you can have of me with a green juice walking down the street.”

Richard Madden started dating Jenna Coleman when he gained international fame with Game of Thrones. Madden couldn’t contain his emotions after Coleman landed a role in Doctor Who.

“I mean, I’ve watched Doctor Who since I was a kid,” Madden told Vulture. “I can geek out about it, like when I go to set and see the TARDIS. I was selfie-ing the shit out of it, and sending it to my dad! ‘Look, it’s me in the TARDIS!’ I thought it was the coolest thing ever.”

The couple dated for three years and broke up amid reports that he’d gotten too close to Lily James. Richard’s subsequent romance to Laura Whitmore ended after five months, despite a source stating that the pair hoped to have a long-term relationship. 

Madden went on to date Caroline Flack, which didn’t impress Flack’s friend and Madden’s ex, Laura Whitmore. A source speaking to Female First said that Flack and Laura had a huge fight after the relationship leaked:

“Caz and Laura had a big bust up and they’re not talking right now. Basically, Laura thinks Caroline broke the girl code and Caroline didn’t even tell her about Richard – Laura found out through mutual friends. When she saw on social media they were hanging out, Laura was really upset.”

Flack and Madden broke up after several months. He reportedly dated supermodel Suki Waterhouse, but their secretive relationship fizzled out quickly. 

Richard and Ellie started dating sometime in 2017. Reports indicate that Bamber dumped Madden after the pair’s relationship broke down irretrievably. 

A source speaking to The Sun stated that the couple’s conflicting schedules had caused a strain on the relationship. The couple considered therapy, but it couldn’t solve their issues. The source explained:

“They’re both absolutely gutted but it was a decision made for the best. They were arguing almost daily towards the end, and, despite considering couple’s therapy, it became evident there were far too many issues that could not be fixed. Everyone around them is gutted too.”

Richard confirmed the end of his relationship with Bamber when he showed up to the 2019 Golden Globes alone. He erased any doubts about the breakup by failing to mention Ellie in his acceptance speech. 

Rumors of a relationship between Brandon and Richard sparked after fans spotted the pair hanging out in LA on several occasions. The pair’s shared living arrangement fueled rumors of a romance between them. 

Before either party confirmed the relationship, Richard and Brandon reportedly had a massive falling out. A source speaking to The Sun said:

“Brandon has made it clear he doesn’t want to see Richard because he asked the team at Versace not to invite him to a party they are having at the beginning of December. Richard has been dressed by the brand a few times but they are working with Brandon now, they are respecting his wishes and haven’t asked Richard to attend the bash.”