Is Ben Savage married? A closer look at Ben’s love life

Ben Savage is an American actor who gained fame for his portrayal of Cory Matthews in the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. Savage reprised the role in the shows Disney sequel Girl Meets World. Ben was at the height of his popularity in the mid to late 90s due to his starring role in Boy Meets World.

Savage also starred in TV films such as She Woke Up (1992) and McDonald’s Family Theatre Presents: Aliens for Breakfast (1995). In 1998, Ben received critical acclaim and received an Ovation Award for his portrayal of Roddy Stern in the play, Unexpected Tenderness.

This piece will look at Ben’s sexuality and relationship history. It is unclear whether he is gay, and he is not married.

Ben Savage has been in the public eye since 1988 and has rarely attracted any relationship rumors. Savage refuses to address his dating life on social media and in interviews.

There were rumors that he might be gay, but the reports didn’t have a strong foundation. The reports claimed that Ben was gay because he lived in the extremely gay-friendly neighborhood of West Hollywood. However, as Variety put it, Ben’s residence in West Hollywood didn’t confirm anything:

“We know not a thing of Mister (Ben) Savage’s private life and do not intimate or insinuate anything whatsoever about his choice of bedroom activities partners. There are, after all, scads and scores of single heterosexual men who belonged to a frat while in college living in the heart of gay gay gay West Hollywood.”

Absent a confirmation from Ben, we cannot make a conclusion about his sexuality.

Savage and Danielle played each other’s love interest in Boy Meets World, and there were rumors that they were an item in real life. Danielle claimed responsibility for the rumor when she told the Los Angeles Times in 2013 that the duo went on one date in the 90s. She told the outlet that by the time the date ended, romance was out of the picture:

“That rumor was entirely my fault because I once said. That Ben and I went on a date and that turned into ‘Danielle and Ben dated.’ We went on one date, when I was about 15, and by the time the dinner was over, we realized mutually that we were more like family than lovers.”

Ben told The Hollywood Reporter that he messed up the date because he didn’t realize that it was a date. Danielle and Savage were each other’s first kisses during a romantic Boy Meets World scene. “I looked over at Ben, and he had gone completely white,” Danielle told The Hollywood Reporter.