6 Causes Of Semi-truck Accidents And How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help If You’ve

Semi-trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles due to their sheer size and weight. These massive trucks cause thousands of truck accidents yearly, resulting in serious injuries and even fatalities. When a semi-truck hits a car, victims often need the help of a lawyer to receive justice. Here are some causes of semi-truck accidents and how a car accident lawyer can help you after injury:

If you’ve been involved in a semi-truck accident and you’re wondering, Do semi truck accidents go to trial? – our car accident lawyers have the expertise to assess the causes of semi-truck accidents and guide you through the legal process, which may or may not lead to a trial.

1. Lacking Proper Trucker Training

Trucker training can encompass several areas, including vehicle control, hazardous condition training, and understanding blindspots. It prepares truck drivers to handle vehicles with unique demands and respond effectively to unforeseen challenges on the road. A car accident lawyer can review a trucker’s training and qualifications to help determine if inadequate training was a factor in an accident. Your lawyer can use this information to help you build a strong case and secure rightful compensation from liable parties.

2. Failing To Maintain Vehicles

Semi-trucks may endure extensive wear and tear due to carrying heavy loads and traveling long distances. Failure to maintain these vehicles can lead to worn-out brakes that can cause an accident. Such cases may involve multiple parties, as the trucking company, driver, and parts manufacturer may all be liable. An accident lawyer can help you determine if the semi-truck involved in your accident was defective or if it didn’t receive regular maintenance. They can also help you prove the negligence of any involved parties to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

3. Getting Distracted While Driving

Driver fatigue or distractions from phones, tablets, and other devices can cause truckers to make mistakes while on the road. These mistakes can have devastating consequences, as tiredness and distraction can slow a driver’s response to avoid a crash. Your accident lawyer can review the trucker’s logs and other relevant travel records. This information can help the lawyer determine if fatigue or distractions were factors in your accident. They can gather the records as evidence and build a strong case in your favor to seek appropriate damages.

4. Driving Under the Influence

Operating a semi-truck under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense that can lead to severe injuries or loss of life. If an intoxicated trucker injures you, your car accident lawyer can help you seek appropriate damages from the driver and the trucking company they work for. They can review evidence, such as witness statements and toxicology reports, to help prove the driver’s intoxication during the accident.

5. Loading Cargo Incorrectly

An improper load can throw off a semi-truck’s balance. This can make it difficult to steer or control, especially in demanding driving conditions. Accidents can occur quickly in such situations, especially if the truck is traveling at high speeds. Your lawyer can review evidence related to the packing and securing of the truck’s load to determine if there was negligence. They can then use this evidence to prove that liable parties were responsible for your injuries and help you obtain fair compensation.

6. Driving Aggressively

Semi-trucks can be difficult to maneuver due to their size and the massive loads they often carry. They typically require longer stopping distances, have larger blind spots, and are more susceptible to tipping over during sudden moves. Speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors are even more hazardous when behind the wheel of a semi-truck. If an aggressive trucker causes your accident, your car accident lawyer can review eyewitness accounts and any video footage of the scene to establish negligence. They can then present this evidence to seek appropriate damages for your losses or injuries.

Get Justice With a Car Accident Lawyer

If you are in an accident involving a semi-truck, a car accident lawyer can provide valuable insight and assistance in reviewing the evidence related to your case. They have the experience and expertise to determine if negligence was a contributing factor in the accident. Whether the incident was caused by a drunk driver or improperly loaded cargo, contact an auto accident lawyer for assistance.