3 Ways Furniture Companies Use 3D Product Rendering to Fuel Sales Growth

3D product rendering is an exceptional innovation, carried out using 3D innovative software with an opportunity to make changes directly at the idea stage. The images you receive from the agency usually show the thing in the interior or against a monochrome background, which is more typical for catalogs. What makes you prefer furniture visualization to pictures? Scroll down if it is highly topical.


3 Ways to Use 3D Rendering of Products to Drive Growth

Typically, furniture manufacturers or sellers rely on the furniture rendering at the time of the new line release to demonstrate the item from the most advantageous angle and thereby help the buyer make a purchasing decision:

  • Show actual dimensions.
  • Evaluate how the furniture fits the interior.
  • Change colors and textures of the same model.

But how can you use 3D models effectively to boost sales?

High-Quality 3D Images

Many people need help understanding why, to increase sales, they need to invest in a quality presentation. The fact is that a professionally done 3D visualization that shows a product from different angles, spin views, and customization options is ideal for marketing purposes, offering the product so that store customers are confident that they have the best option.



Customization, or making changes to an item to suit the buyer’s needs, is often one of the most valuable tools for selling furniture. The client can easily change the shape and texture in 3D rendering according to his taste. This is especially true for non-standard solutions – the store cannot invest in creating a physical prototype every time the client needs changes without significantly increasing costs.

Current and Future Varieties

Are you planning to launch a new product line or want to update an existing one slightly? With the help of 3D product render tools, you won’t have to wait for the first models to appear in production. You can easily change the 3D models and present them in the catalog or website. This is an effective option to create demand for a product that has yet to be sold.

Summing Up

To summarize, furniture rendering is a cutting-edge and successful method of illustrating household items. https://www.genense.com/services/3d-furniture-visualization/. Buyers no longer need to guess and doubt whether this sofa or table will fit into their interior. Thanks to 3D visualization technologies, photo insertion, and online showrooms, clients spend much less time thinking and making purchasing decisions much faster. Contact Genense Studio for advice or order 3D rendering from us. Remember, only high-quality work contributes to sales! Also recommend https://www.genense.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-3d-furniture-rendering/